What Are The Best Shoes For Foot Pain Relief

What Are The Best Shoes For Foot Pain Relief

How to Choose Footwear for Problem Feet

Foot pain and discomfort can infringe upon your lifestyle, keeping you down both physically and mentally. It’s so common to suffer from foot pain that according to the American Podiatric Medical Association, 77 percent of the population have felt it at some point in their lives. While ailments can come and go, you shouldn’t have to live with chronic foot pain. 

Besides physical therapy and surgical treatments, the best solution for correcting your foot issues is to invest in high-quality footwear that is made for comfort and support.

We’ve rounded up a list of the most important features to look for when you are shoe shopping so that you can kick that pain to the curb for good!

How to Choose Footwear for Problem Feet

Best Sneakers for Foot Pain

The first pair of shoes you should buy if you have any foot problems are a pair of women’s or men’s comfortable sneakers with orthotic level insoles.

Not just any sneakers will do — yours should have laces or velcro to provide adjustability so that you can loosen them towards the end of the day when your feet are swelling.

The best sneakers will also have enough cushioning to allow you to stand all day without feeling the strain on your feet or joints.

When you’re shopping for men’s or women’s supportive sneakers, be sure to walk around in them at the store for 10 minutes to test them out before buying them.

Best Dress Shoes for Foot Pain

When it comes to dress shoes, say no to high heels. There are plenty of lovely flats, low wedges, and kitten heels that look divine without killing your feet. As with your sneakers, make sure that dress shoes are comfortable and have built-in arch support. Cork soled shoes, particularly wedges are great if you have a foot problem like plantar fasciitis as cork naturally molds to the foot to provide cushioning and absorb shock.

For men, a classic pair of brogues or loafers made by an orthotic shoe company should be suitable for formal events.

Remember that any shoes will buckle or laces are preferable so that you can fit the shoe precisely to your foot measurements.

Best Sandals for Foot Pain

While a flip-flop is a sandal, don’t get the two types of shoes confused! There is no comparison between a flimsy flip-flop and a sandal with built-in insoles. A sandal that’s designed for comfort can help your feet heal, whereas a flip-flop can only hurt.

Supportive sandals are perfect for foot problems like bunions, corns, or blisters because they let these areas breathe without exacerbating the problems. However, if you have plantar fasciitis or weak ankles, a closed-toe shoe will provide more support for you.

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