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Treatment of Acne – What Are The Options for You?

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Treatment of Acne – Various Options You Can Choose From

Treatment of acne can be hard; some treatments can be more effective.  However, the results of the treatment vary depending on the severity of the acne.

If you are suffering from a mild case of acne, you may be offered a cream to apply to the affected area.

Various Treatments Options

  • Azelaic acid, aids in the removal of the bacteria and the dead skin cells. This cream or gel is recommended for use twice daily.  You may only start to notice changes after 30 days, and experiencing side effects is probable.
  • Benzoyl peroxide, acts in a similar way to azelaic acid, as it also aids removal of bacteria and skin.  Found in cream and gel form this treatment is advised for use twice daily after thoroughly washing the skin affected.  Benzoyl peroxide causes your face to become light sensitive, try to limit sun exposure or alternatively apply a high factor sun cream.  This treatment also has side effects.
  • Topical retinoids, such as adapalene and tretinoin, these aids in the reduction of sebem and the removal of the dead skin cells.  Recommended for use twice daily after thoroughly washing the skin prior to application.  These also cause you to become light sensitive.  Not recommended for use whilst pregnant, use of these treatments whilst pregnant may cause birth defects.
  • Topical antibiotics, these aids in the removal of bacteria.  Available in lotion or gel form and recommended for use twice daily.  Treatment lasts for 8 weeks after this time there is a chance that the bacteria can build up a resistance to the medication.  This type of treatment also has side effects.
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Treatment of Acne

If the acne is moderate then the treatment of acne will usually be a combination of 2 of the above medications.  If you are suffering with severe acne your doctor or other health professional will refer you to see a dermatologist.  A dermatologist will then be able to advise you on an appropriate course of action.

Natural Treatment of Acne

If you would prefer a more natural treatment of acne, there are many vitamins that aid in the reduction of acne.  These vitamins promote healthy skin and they can be found in foods or a vitamin supplement.

The vitamins that can help reduce acne are;

  • Vitamin A, this can be found in many foods such as, peppers, liver, carrots, sweet potato, red lettuce, and various herbs.
  • Vitamin C, this can be found in currants, berries, sprouts, broccoli, peppers and citrus fruits.  People often use vitamin C as a cure for the common cold.
  • Vitamin D, found in milk (whole milk, full fat or semi skimmed), fish, shrimp and other shell fish, egg yolk, and some Swiss cheeses.
  • Vitamin E, present in red peppers, sunflower seeds, olives, and leafy green vegetables.

Making small changes to your diet can aid in the treatment of acne.  Combining the medication with a vitamin rich diet, the problems of acne such as redness of the skin and spots may be drastically improved, therefore I advise that you do try to make these changes.

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