These 5 instant home remedies can relieve stomach and chest irritation

These 5 instant home remedies can relieve stomach and chest irritation

Sometimes eating too much can sometimes cause stomach and chest irritation due to other reasons. For this, you can take some instant measures.

Burning in the stomach is caused by acid reflux. Acid reflux means that when the food reaches the lower part of the stomach, it again starts coming up the food pipe. It can also be caused by excess obesity, alcohol and smoking intake, hernia, indigestion, stomach ulcers and certain medicines. So let us know how you can reduce stomach and seine irritation with these home remedies.

1 mix fruit chaat

Experts say that the inclusion of fresh fruits such as apples, apricots, bananas, kiwis, pomegranates and pears in the diet reduces stomach irritation. Fiber is found in these fruits and fiber is very helpful in protecting the stomach from acidity. A research in the Journal of Research in Medical Science has found that fruit intake helps reduce acid reflux, which relieves stomach irritation.

2 curd raita

Consumption of curd reduces burning sensation in the stomach. According to a research published on the NCBI website, yogurt has antacid properties, which helps to relieve stomach irritation and acidity.

How to make raita

You can also add cucumber to curd raita for best results. First wash the cucumber well, then grate the cucumber. Now pour the curd in the pot and add grated cucumber and spices according to taste in the same pot. Raita is ready, consume it now.

Drink 3 cold milk

Consumption of cold milk not only removes stomach irritation, but also removes burning sensation in the chest. A published research by NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) has found that cold milk has antacid (acidity lowering) properties, which reduce hyper acidity. Which gives relief in stomach irritation.

4 aloe vera juice

Research has shown that anthraquinone is found in aloe vera gel, which naturally cleanses your stomach. It increases the amount of water in your intestine and also removes the problem of constipation. At the same time, consuming half a cup of aloe vera juice reduces stomach irritation.

Make aloe vera juice

Take green leaves of aloe vera then wash it thoroughly. Now separate the pulp from inside the aloe vera and blend it well in the mixer. Then add some water and blend again. Take it out in a glass and mix honey or lemon according to your taste and consume it now.

Note that even by mistake, its yellow juice should not get in the juice, because it is a slow poison. So always pay attention when making it.

keep in mind

Abdominal irritation can be caused due to many reasons. Therefore, consult a doctor before trying any home remedy.

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