Ten Healthy Alternative Breakfast Ideas

Ten Healthy Alternative Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, however lot of people tend to skip breakfast, but if you’re a bit bored of eating breakfast. And need some changes here are some healthy alternatives, that you may want to consider. Instead of eating calorie laden sugar filled breakfast, with no real nutritional value whatsoever then please do read on. I promise you won’t be disappointed with this comprehensive list of healthy alternatives.

1.Porridge or (oatmeal) : As it is otherwise known as with fruit, which you choose to top it with it’s entirely up to you, this will bulk up the porridge and give it some more added sweetness, especially if you add something like strawberries say for instance. To make this a bit more tastier use lower skimmed milk instead of water, and add some sweetener for taste.

2.Weetabix : With your own topping of dried fruit, or better still some fresh fruit, served with low-fat skimmed milk. Weetabix is a great source of fibre and has vitamin and mineral content also.

3.Mixed fruit salad : For this I would have chopped apples, one chopped banana, strawberries depending on the time of year, a chopped pear, some chopped pineapple, and some orange segments.

4.Cheese salad: Get some cheese low-fat preferably, and chop it into chunks or you or you could grate it, and some fresh iceberg lettuce, get some bread croûtons, chop a tomato into four pieces. Add some cucumber potato salad and some low-fat coleslaw, if you have grated the cheese then sprinkle it over the top.

5.Yogurt with fruit and fresh orange juice: For this use plain yogurt low-fat preferably and low sugar if at all possible. Using a fruit of your choice my suggestions are fresh strawberries or raspberries, or any other fruit which you would like to add and serve with a glass of fresh orange juice not dilute to taste orange. It must be fresh.

6. Beans on toast: Beans are a great source of fiber and protein also, so coupled with some wholemeal or wholewheat bread, make a great healthy alternative breakfast. If you want to add some butter to your bread make sure you spread it thinly and use low-fat butter preferably.

7. Poached eggs or scrambled eggs: You can have boiled eggs if you wish, the only thing is don’t have fried eggs this will defeat the object. You could serve these with wholemeal bread soldiers or. As suggested above on wholemeal toast.

8. Alpen: Quite self-explanatory this is, serve with low-fat skimmed milk and add more fresh fruit as needed.

9. Grapefruit with a sweetener: Put the grapefruit in the fridge overnight add some sweetener on top and serve in the morning.

10. Sweet potatoes pancakes: Sweet potatoes are one of the most nutritional foods, you can eat rather than put the recipe here I’ve included a link to it instead of the sweet potato recipe.

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