The Singapore Tourism Board Announces Country Will Open to Vaccinated U.S. and Canadian Travelers as Destination Eases Travel Restrictions

[ad_1] With visitor’s safety being a top priority, Singapore has implemented Safe Travel Lanes to facilitate travel, providing details on testing protocols, vaccination requirements, and other distancing and social regulations. To raise hygiene standards and transform the cleanliness levels of public spaces, the SG Clean campaign was launched in February 2020, which requires tourism establishments to adhere … Read more

Pakistan to partially lift Covid-19 restrictions

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan announced on Wednesday the lifting of a number of restrictions imposed to control the spread of the coronavirus in the country, including the reopening of educational institutions and resumption of outdoor dining, from May 24 in districts where the positivity rate is less than 5%. The development came after a meeting of the … Read more

UK Covid-19 restrictions eased despite variant concerns

LONDON: Most of the UK takes a major step towards normality on Monday as coronavirus restrictions are eased, despite concerns over the spread of a more transmissible variant of the disease. Across England, Wales and most of Scotland, indoor hospitality in pubs, restaurants and cafés returns and cinemas, museums and sports venues are to open … Read more

States ease restrictions despite warnings

[ad_1] The Guardian Calls to can Goya Foods grow after CEO repeats Trump’s election lies Social media quick to point out Robert Unanue’s CPAC remarks about supposed election fraud are not worth a hill of beansUS politics – live coverage Goya products. CEO Robert Unanue called Donald Trump ‘the real, legitimate and still actual president … Read more

States easing virus restrictions despite experts’ warnings

[ad_1] KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) — With the U.S. vaccination drive picking up speed and a third formula on the way, states eager to reopen for business are easing coronavirus restrictions despite warnings from health experts that the outbreak is far from over and that moving too quickly could prolong the misery. Massachusetts on Monday … Read more

CDC imposes travel restrictions on countries hit by Ebola

[ad_1] Eat This, Not That! CDC Just Said States Need to Impose COVID Restrictions Just because the COVID-19 vaccine is here and people are lining up to get it, doesn’t mean that the restrictions imposed during the pandemic are ready to be lifted, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). At Friday’s … Read more

Angela Merkel faces lockdown rebellion as German regions loosen Covid restrictions

[ad_1] German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives for a press conference following the EU leaders’ videoconference in Berlin on February 25, 2021. (Photo by John MACDOUGALL / various sources / AFP) (Photo by JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP via Getty Images) – JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP Angela Merkel is facing a rebellion over Germany’s coronavirus lockdown as regional governments move to … Read more

China calls for end to trade restrictions and warns against interference

[ad_1] Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi China’s foreign minister laid out conditions for a reset in Sino-US relations on Monday, calling on the Biden administration to remove tariffs on Chinese goods and lift restrictions on Chinese technology companies. Wang Yi said Beijing stood ready to reopen dialogue with Washington, but emphasised it was the US … Read more