From Portland to Myanmar, former Maine congressman Tom Andrews has kept fighting for human rights

[ad_1] Mar. 9—If you’ve caught any coverage of the crisis in Myanmar this winter, chances are you’ve seen or heard the United Nation’s independent human rights expert interviewed about the military coup and violent crackdown on protesters, ethnic minorities and the political opposition in the country in Southeast Asia. The U.N. “special rapporteur” has been … Read more

GDP Preview, Federal Agents Step Back In Portland, Big Tech Hearing : NPR

[ad_1] STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: Today we get one measurement of just how much this country suffered as the pandemic spread. DAVID GREENE, HOST: Right. The government releases figures for economic growth in April, May and June. Though, growth might not be the best word to describe this. The second quarter number comes out as the … Read more

COVID-19 Relief Plan, Portland Protests, Remembering John Lewis : NPR

[ad_1] STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: It turns out, a few trillion dollars may not be quite enough to tide over the country in the pandemic. DAVID GREENE, HOST: Congress has approved that much in relief, but a key provision is running out. It’s the extra $600 many Americans have been receiving in their unemployment checks. Months … Read more