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The senator and Trump’s misdialed phone call

WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial hit a snag when Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah objected to how Democrats characterized a phone call from the president when the Capitol insurrection was raging. After exchanges over the matter that seemed to confuse everyone, the Democratic House impeachment managers agreed to strike their words … Read more

Biden now has access to all of the phone conversations with Putin that Trump went to great lengths to conceal

Then-President Donald Trump with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a joint press conference in Finland. Chris McGrath/Getty Images As president, Joe Biden now has access to notes from Donald Trump’s calls with Vladimir Putin. A former Trump official told Politico that Biden “owns” the notes. The Biden White House did not say whether it had … Read more

Israel frustrated by long wait for Joe Biden phone call despite close security ties

US president Joe Biden is yet to call his Israeli counterpart – Getty/Getty Israel’s former envoy to the UN sent an ill-tempered tweet to Joe Biden on Thursday which implored him to telephone their prime minister, as the US president appeared to give his closest security partner in the Middle East the cold shoulder. Benjamin … Read more