Monalisa: Seeing the painting that someone commits suicide, someone marries a woman who looks like her, know its facts

Leonardo da Vinci created the Mona Lisa painting. There are many states and facts associated with this painting. Let them be known. The painting Mona Lisa is considered one of the best paintings of the great painter Leonardo da Vinci of Italy. People from all over the world reach Paris, the capital of France, to … Read more

White House Focuses On Metric Painting Rosier Picture Of Pandemic : NPR

[ad_1] Coronavirus cases surge across the U.S., but President Trump keeps saying the death rate has been low. Trump’s insistence has public health and political ramifications as fatalities keep rising. ARI SHAPIRO, HOST: As the number of coronavirus cases started spiking again this month, the White House keyed in on a different number, one that … Read more