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Ships search for green fuels to keep oceans blue

The Daily Beast How the FBI Scares Off Would-Be Capitol Bombers MATHIEU LEWIS-ROLLANDBy Elaine ShannonThe FBI-Homeland Security intelligence bulletin circulated at midnight Tuesday is ominous, but entirely predictable, given widely published reports of far-right chatter over the past several weeks: It alerts local law enforcement officials that extremists may try to breach the U.S. Capitol … Read more

The Coronavirus Pandemic May End The Reign Of Blue Jeans : NPR

With most people staying at home these days, Americans are searching for comfort and ditching the denim. NPR’s Leila Fadel speaks to retail journalist Abha Bhattarai about the demise of jeans. LEILA FADEL, HOST: A global pandemic has ushered in a new day, the era of the elastic waistband, and the reign of bluejeans may … Read more