On the sidelines, Hezbollah looms large over Gaza battle

File photo: Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah BEIRUT: Ever since their last war in 2006, Israel and Lebanon‘s powerful Hezbollah militia have constantly warned that a new round between them is inevitable. Yet once again, a potential trigger has gone unpulled. Hezbollah’s shadow loomed large during Israel and Hamas‘ two-week battle, with the possibility it … Read more

Lebanese attack Syrians heading to vote at their embassy

The attackers pelted them with rocks and smashed windows with sticks. AP Photo BEIRUT: Groups of angry Lebanese pelted buses and cars carrying Syrians expatriates and refugees heading to the Syrian Embassy in Beirut with stones and sticks on Thursday, outraged over what they perceive as an organized vote for President Bashar Assad. Meanwhile, some … Read more