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Antibodies From Recovered COVID-19 Patients Being Tested As Way To Prevent Infection : Shots

Blood plasma β€” the yellowish, cell-free portion that remains after red and white blood cells and have been filtered out by a machine and returned to the plasma donor β€” is rich with antibodies. Plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients might prove useful in preventing infection as well as in treatment, scientists say. Lindsey Wasson/Reuters hide … Read more

Scientists Are Researching Ways To Transfuse Antibodies In Coronavirus Treatment : NPR

Scientists are trying to determine whether blood serum taken from recovered COVID-19 patients could help prevent the disease in others. MARY LOUISE KELLY, HOST: Most people who get sick with COVID-19 produce antibodies in their blood that seem to protect them from further infection. Now scientists are trying to figure out whether they can prevent … Read more