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Some Notes About This Morning’s Group Training Session

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Image by skeeze
from Pixabay

I had a ton of fun today with one of my small group sessions.  I work with this group of three ladies at a local park.  They all work together and have been doing these small group sessions with me for a bit over a year.  Over that time I’ve seen tremendous improvement in each one and have enjoyed watching them progress.  All three came to the table with different backgrounds, abilities, and challenges.  They’ve all improved their weak points a great deal.

Today, after a good dynamic warm-up, we did the following:

Three stations:

-Overhead Lunges with a Mini-band
-Standing Dumbbell Overhead Ladders
-Sumo Squats to Stretch

-The Overhead Lunger traveled the length of a large picnic area at the park, about 150 feet or so.  They were the governor, in that the other two athletes performed their exercises at a regular pace as long as it took the lunger to make it down and back.

This cycle was repeated four times total.

We then spent about 20 minutes working on some sprinting drills including Paw Drills and Hand Sprints.  The ladies have been running for a while, and while all have become much more athletic, none are or have been competitive athletes in quite a while.  They also have never been taught proper running technique.  I thought that was time for a change and they are all about it.  So today we started on some technique drills.  After getting the hang of it the improvement was immediate.

The intensity of the session was down a little bit today given all of the instruction, but I that’ll change for the next time!  I just wanted to reiterate that it’s never too late to start learning new things and new skills.  These ladies should be an inspiration to everyone looking to improve their health, physique, and athleticism.


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