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Smart Phone Photography apps

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We all know just how important seriously good food photography is on our blogs. A great image at the top of the page will catch peoples eyes and draw them in to your post, help make your recipe more memorable, tempt your readers to share your recipe on their own social media sites and thus attract more traffic.  But, sadly, we are not all born brilliant food photographers; it is a skill that needs time, practice and some relatively expensive equipment – or does it?

A fancy DSLR camera with the appropriate lenses and extra kit is pricey and many beginner bloggers simply don’t have the budget for that kind of investment.  Point-and-shoot camera’s can do some fancy things now and are increasing in price and sophistication with each new model released – but it has been said that the best camera is the one you have with you and nearly all of us seem to have a smart-phone of some type.

iPhone photo

All smart-phones come with inbuilt cameras producing varying degrees of image quality, but there are a wealth of apps available which will extend the facility of your smart-phone camera.  By adding a few of these low-cost apps to your phone you can increase the facility of your existing camera, tweak up your images with some simple post-production techniques and then add effects, backgrounds or borders to make even the most basic shots into brag-worthy, drool-inducing foodporn.

Smart Phone Photography apps

There are dozens of apps available for both iPhones and Androids and their prices range from free to just a few dollars – making for ridiculously cheap entertainment.   Head off to the app store and see what’s available or check out these few that have caught my eye.


Camera+ is a camera replacement app which will give you a greater level of control over your images including exposure and focus control, versatile shooting modes and the option to use the phone’s inbuilt LED flash as continuous light fill in dark conditions.

Similarly, ProCamera is another camera replacement which offers intuitive and fast control over focus and exposure as well as geotagging, white balance lock, rapid-fire burst and a full screen trigger among it’s many features.

A quick and easy post-production tool that promises to make any photo extraordinary – and which was nominated the Best Mobile Photo App of 2012 – with Snapseed you can tilt, crop, sharpen details, adjust colour and exposure and apply filters.

PhotoToaster is another photo-editing app which allows you to take control over your images.  It offers up to 60 one-click effects, but also has versatility and maneuverability for those who choose to manually adjust their shots.  It’s simple to revert back to the original if you think you’ve gone too far and has an inbuilt plug-in to share on social media.

ColorBlast is something a little out of the ordinary and lets you separate and highlight the colour in one object in an image.  You can also alter the background shades, the colour saturation and hue or change the actual colour to anything you fancy.

So tell us, what are your favourite smart phone photography apps?


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