Simplest Change to Diet And Lifestyle That Resulted in Losing Weight And Feeling Healthier

This article discusses my personal experience in my weight loss journey. It talks about the one simple change in my lifestyle that began my weight loss and burn fat journey.

The simplest change that I made to my lifestyle and diet that resulted in losing weight and feeling healthier was the decision to ease back on the late nights and sleep early. There are many studies that shows that sleeping early burn fat fast.

At that time, I was keeping late nights, feeling stressed and downing coffee after coffee. I was also gorging on carbonated soda and potatoe chips. These led me be be listless in the day, drained of energy and always hungry.

The wakeup call came, when at the grand old age of 30, I was panting hard after just climbing a short flight of stairs. I was weighing at 75 kg or 165 lbs then. It didn’t help that, right around this time, my doctor told me that I am at high risk of getting diabetes. He told me to ease down on the sugar and re-test again in 3 months. He would have to put me on long term medication if there is no improvement.

The Simplest Change to my diet and lifestyle that resulted in losing weight and feeling healhier

The first thing I decided to change was to ease down on the late nights and start going to bed early. This reduces my lethargy in the day and I felt less stressed..

Once I started sleeping early, I was able to give up all the sugary drinks and high salt snacks that I was consuming.

I also started eating less starchy carbohydrates, which actually make me feel less hungry and more energetic. This was when I began exercising more regularly. I went on the treadmill and exercise bike for 30 minutes daily now.

Gradually, I began to get back in shape and becoming more energetic. As my body begins to lighten, I found it easier to to reduce my food intake and exercise longer. My endurance began to improve and I don’t pant as much going up stairs. I continue pressing in, trying many diets and at the end of 6 months, I felt like a new person.

Looking back, I come to recognise that critical to my success was the decision to stop the late nights and going to bed by 10pm. This forms the basis on which all the other initiatives was built upon.

Backed by scientific after scientific study, was the fact that sleeping early burn fat fast in the following ways

By Reducing Insulin Resistance

A lack of sleep causes insulin resistance. This causes our inability to break down the sugars and it gets absorbed into our system.

By Cutting Cortisol Production

Your body also produces the stress hormone Cortisol in abundance, which causes us to feel hungry indefinitely. It also induces cravingss for high sugar, high salt food. Your body will also slow down the fat burning process as the brain signals that it is in crisis and need to preserve fat store. This also lead to slowing down of all other bodily function, which explains why we will feel slow and lethargic when we have insufficient sleep.

By Producing Melatonin

Melatonin production starts to ramp up from 10pm and peaks around 12 midnight, slowly trailing off until 2am. It is our body mechanism to repair all our body systems that was impaired during the day. During this repair process, the body burns up tremendous amount of our fat store.

Therefore, if we are not in a deep sleep by 10pmFree Reprint Articles, this natural repair process and hence the tremendous fat burning would be disrupted.

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Mary K Melendez. More Tips by Your fats loss Specialist I have been on this weight loss journey for more than 5 years and here to share with you ways that I have tried and worked for me.

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