Rama Navami 2021- Muhurat, Significance, History

Rama Navami 2021- Muhurat, Significance, History

Rama Navami 2021- Muhurat, Significance, Date, History, and a lot more!

Ram Navami is a popular Hindu festival celebrated on the auspicious occasion of the birth anniversary of Lord Rama. He is a renowned Hindu mythological God who gets worshipped all across the country with full faith and diligence. Ram Navami 2021 is arriving on April 21 as per the Gregorian calendar date. It is celebrated on the 9th day of Shukla Paksha from Hindu Chaitra month. Lord Rama is the epitome of patience and subtle behavior despite all odds. His majesty is widespread, and Sri Ram Navami is believably the day when Lord Vishnu took incarnation.

Ram Navami Holiday in 2021 is arriving on April 21, Wednesday. As per the Hindu scriptures and past traces, he was born in Ayodhya, and Kaushalya was his mother. You can recall him from the Sri Rama Navami images displayed on the web. The Shubh Muhurat, this year for the Rama Navami Poojan, is from 10:19 AM to 12:52 PM. Post this, Sita Navami arrives in May, and it is celebrated this year on May 21. The Navami tithi starts at 12.43 AM and ends at 12.35 AM.

Sri Rama Navami 2021 celebrations

Rama Navami 2021

As per the old belief, Sri Rama was born at the Madhyahna or during the afternoon time of the day, that’s why most people perform pooja during these timings. The majority of the Rama Navami Yagya and Havanas take place at temples during this time. And the entire surrounding gets echoed with the bhajans and mantras on the name of Lord Rama.

Especially in Ayodhya, you can capture the best Sri Rama Navami images as it is celebrated in full fling over there.

The whole place of Ayodhya gets decked up with innumerable lights and diyas to mark the birth of their favorite Lord Rama.

From all over the country, people visit here during these timings to take a dip in the holy river of Sarayu.

However, the celebrations might go off in 2021 due to the recent surge in the COVID-19 Pandemic. There are restrictions imposed all over the place to control the overhaul of celebrations.

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Puja Vidhi for Sri Rama Navami 2021!

On the auspicious festival of Rama Navami, devotees perform the ‘eight prahar’ or the fast for 1 day. Many women and men also observe the complete 9 days fast on this occasion. Devotees perform Lord Rama’s puja during his birth hours and get mesmerized with the bhajans sung in their name. They also offer the Kheer or Halwa Prasad to show their faith and gratitude in the supreme power.

Significance of Sri Rama Navami

The Rama Navami celebration marks the succession of the most popular Vishnu Avatar in the form of Lord Rama’s birth. In the Treta Yug, Lord Rama was born to the renowned King Dashratha and Queen Kausalya. Lord Rama’s Traces is prominent not only in the Hindu text but also in the Buddhist and Jain scriptures. He is also the main character of the Hindu Epic- Ramayana, which is also a source of inspiration for the people in India and Southeast Asia.

Rituals of Rama Navami

Are you planning to do pooja on Rama Navami 2021? It is indeed a blissful way to offer your admiration and prayers to God.

On the occasion of Sri Rama Navami 2021, devotees keep a fast that starts from sunrise and ends on the next day. Some people only take fruits for hydration, while some delight themselves with the bowl of SAGO (Sabudana) Khichdi to avoid health issues.

Many people also keep a 9 day fast which ends on the next morning of Rama Navami or the same day evening.

It is a ritual to conduct Rama Navami Procession or the ‘rath Yatra’ at many places, including Ayodhya, Lord Rama’s hometown. Starting from the Gudipadwa or Day 1 of the Chaitra Navratri, devotees perform kirtans to please their favorite God and reach out with prayers to them.

Sri Rama Navami’s significance extends to several regions in India such as Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Nepal.

Rama navami images in hindi by freepik.com

History of Sri Rama Navami

Rama Navami 2021 is about to arrive, and people are already rejoicing the vibes of auspicious Navratri. You can also check out the Sri Rama Navami images to know about the story that connects to millions of people’s hearts. Even in the Hindu mythology of Granth Ramayana, the applauds of Lord Rama’s birth is evident. King Dashratha of Ayodhya had three queens, namely Kaushalya, Sumitra, and the Kaikeyi. They were struggling to get an heir for their kingdom for a long. Then they performed the sacred Putra Kamesti Yagna suggested by the great Saint Vashisth.

After this, the king distributed the Kheer Prasadam amongst the three queens made of milk and rice. And on the 9th day of the Chaitra month in Shukla Paksh, Kaushalya gave birth to Lord Ram and other queens also simultaneously gave birth to his brothers.

It is a belief in the Hindu mythology that Lord Rama incarnated in various avatars, including the Varaha, Matsya, the Narasimha (half man and half lion) to protect his devotees.

For the heartfelt celebrations, the Rama Navami holiday in 2021 is allowed to perform puja and prayers by the devotees in their ways. Sri Rama Navami is a historic event that depicts the kindness, respect, heroism and lovely nature of Ayodhya Putra Rama. Statues of the deity get bejewelled with precious jewel pieces and embellished clothes as a feeling of gratitude.

Sri Rama Navami 2021- What people do?

People from distinct origins celebrate the occasion of Rama Navami in various ways. They take a fresh bath and dress up in colourful clothes to get a wonderful festive vibe. Many devotees also bring home the miniature Lord Rama idols and keep them in the cradle to mark his birth. You can also lit up a lamp, and in South India, there is a tradition to cook payasam and offer it to God.

In many other parts of India, people also delve into the auspicious ritual of inviting 9 little girls at home and washing their legs and applying kumkum on the head. After this, they offer them the Halwa Puri Prasad and complete the ritual by distributing gifts. The whole process is also famous as the Kanya Poojan, which is a manifestation of the goddess.

Rama Navami 2021- Things to remember for observing fast!

Are you planning to keep a fast on Sri Rama Navami? Here are the things to keep in mind when you observe the fast on this day:

  • Drink plenty of water and eat fruits to keep yourself hydrated in the summers. You can also consume it in the form of juices or shakes.
  • For making any preparation, you have to avoid the use of chilly red powder, salt and turmeric.
  • If you cannot sustain without salt, take an energetic meal made of Rajgir and Kuttu Atta for a stomach fulfilment.
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More about Rama Navami 2021

After taking a glance at the Sri Rama Navami images, you can recognize the grandeur and significance of this holy festival that people celebrate whole heartedly. Most people follow a belief that performing this fast could result in the achievement of salvation for many. Another way to celebrate Rama Navami by the folks is by performing Ramlila, where there is a stage depiction in a play that goes on 10 days.

It portrays the incidents and sequence from the Ramayana that is all about the journey of Lord Rama. He is the one who conquered the dynasties with the power of good over bad and established a benchmark for the real men for generations to come ahead.

Final words

Lastly, Ramayana is a body, and Lord Rama is its soul. He is the reason for positivity and happiness that bestows on many in the glory of almighty. Rama Navami 2021 is a day to revive the glorious Indian mythology where miracles like Lord Rama happened to save humanity from the evil powers. His birth marks the start of a new era where the demolition of innocent people’s bad and protection is guaranteed. That is why people often give examples to follow in his footsteps and discover a new serene place for themselves and the world.

If you even get a chance to witness the real glory of Lord Rama and the celebrations of Sri Rama Navami, visit the Rameswaram, Sitamarhi, Ayodhya, and Bhadrachalam.

In all these regions, there are huge deities of RAMA standing tall in the massive temples with scriptures and sayings from Ramayana all over.

His preaching, stories, images, and everything else have one thing in common i.e. deities of Laxman, Sita, and Hanuman Ji, along with Lord Rama.

It is like a complete family portrait that remains incomplete unless any of them is not present.

Lord Rama’s birth is the rejuvenation of humanity in mankind, and the recent scenario needs this type of incarnation of positive magical powers!

As the grand festival and Rama Navami Holiday in 2021 is about to arrive, engross yourself to the preparations of this propitious occasion!

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