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Microsoft Translator for iOS adds auto mode for one-on-one chats

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 Microsoft Translator for iOS has just made it easier to translate one-on-one chats with the addition of an auto mode that allows people to concentrate more on the conversation than on pressing phone buttons.

With the auto mode, there is no more need to push the microphone button when it is your turn to talk.

All you need to do to start the conversation is just select the languages and turn on the mic. The app will listen for the two languages and translate what you have said after you finish speaking.

The other person can start talking right away when you are finished and the app will translate automatically, Microsoft said in a blog.

There are two ways you can get your translations — either listen to the speech output or read the text translation on the screen.

The app’s split screen design makes reading the translated text simple if you place the phone between you and the other person.

You can flip the text on the top portion of the phone so it can be read right side up from the other side.

If you are listening to the speech output, the app also has a brand-new option of slowing down the playback if the default speed is too fast.

Speech output is available in over 45 languages, text output is available in over 60 languages, Microsoft said.

If you are not seeing the update yet but would like to start using the feature right now, you can manually update your app.

Auto mode will be available for Android soon, the company said.


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