Marriage And Divorce

Wedding aur Divorces

Nowadays, news of Divorces is found as if it was crowded in the sale. Seeing the news there, it is written about Divorces, so I thought I would write an article on it so that I could be able to tell you some Divinity from myself.

They can be whatever reason of Divorces, like personal talk, family matter, extra marriage affair etc.

Let’s talk from the beginning, when marriage takes place, in front of everyone, as a witness to God, under Rasam, we get tied up in a marriage relationship and start a new life…! Often the first few years go well, and then it is realized that no one else is my partner, whether it is love marriage or arrange marriage. And if the family is good then it will be icing on the cake … But when a difficult time comes, then some relationships also start to crack. And the real face / story starts to appear from here, and if the partner gets duped here, then understanding is on the verge of breaking the relationship…!

The partner, who leaves during difficult times, begins to see all the flaws that he / she never thought of. Such as everyday arguments, sexual life, extra marriage affairs, not listening / not understanding, etc … many things start to come up, which is difficult to even mention. There are other things that really force someone to divorce!

It was talked about the commencement of divorce, now how come the divorces can be stopped or reduced.

I would like to make one thing clear before him, take any example of marriage in this world, no pair is perfect pair here. Whether its love marriage or arrange marriage! I had heard somewhere that marriage is such a relationship that should only be lived with each other, “because this life is not easy” …! (Understand the thing with double inverter, a lot has been hidden in that)!

The measures given below can definitely be useful for getting married.

  1. Your love marriage or arrange marriage, if you are able to play the marriage for a minimum of 4-5 years, then you understand that both of you have the ability to stay married! Even people with relationships!
  2. The specialty of every marriage relationship is different, it is not necessary that your friend’s marriage life is going on, same should be yours as well, so never come in anyone’s words because these wrong fahmis work to bring a crack. !
  3. Do not keep these expectations as life will always be in the early days of marriage / relationship, because as our age increases, in the same way our expectations are increasing, to come to it means to go into the swamp! There will be less happy luck couples whose marriage life is the same in years n years! But like I have told in the 2nd point that marriage life of your friend / others is not necessarily like your marriage life too!
  4. You do not know whether people know or not, but nowadays extra marriage are increasing because the partner is happy in the outside world for some reason or other, regardless of whose wife or husband she is!
    According to me, such a time comes once in everyone’s life, and those who want to maintain a relationship come out of this problem as well and then both of them start running on the track!
  5. Nowadays, I have come to hear a lot that love can happen to anyone at any time and there is no limit for it! Like I have written about the extra marriage affairs in the 4th point.
    I would like to tell them that, if you had true love, then you do not know how to share your love with everyone (except widow / widower). And despite you being married or married, you are falling in love, so what is it that you had already felt the same way that you are in a relationship / married? This has become a new attraction only nowadays, if you get upset with each other, then take a divorce, but there is never a matter of taking the relationship forward and I believe that this is the biggest reason, the one who is getting married or else getting married. Till death comes! Therefore, if possible, try to keep the relationship intact, because it does not take time to build a new relationship but it takes a lot of time to maintain the same relationship! Age is passed for getting a relationship but who does not have any relationship, but someone gets a chance 2-2 times, and the importance of such a multi-relationship does not matter as much as the couple who supported them till death. It happens!
  6. Often people become depress during difficult times, in such a time, it is very important to have a partner, like being with God! Along with happiness and sorrow means to base each other for life!

Finally, I would like to say one thing, often even such couples are seen who do not match and especially those people who have bad habits.
For example, in a family house where a husband, wife, 2 children, parents live there, they can understand how much work there will be for the wife who handles the house, works, children, parents Care … and the wife of that wife only does the job and the one who earns, they spend money like gambling, liquor, drugs etc.
How sad it is that family emotions are not seen in the house at all! They will not even know / remember that they have ever attended any festival, any journey, or any such functions that are celebrated with the family.

I am telling you this thing because divorce does not happen in such a house, but it does not even mean

That those people are happy! Those women have to live every day in the face of great difficulties! Happiness is far away, they do not even celebrate their own birthday! Whether the marriage is a love marriage or arrange marriage, but in this situation, I have seen more and more women living in trouble!

Through this article, I bow down to all those women, because if those women had divorced and looked after themselves, then no child could be happy in the house where the mother’s children were growing up in the house. ..That is why I bow to all those women wholeheartedly. That’s why there is a dialogue in the kgf movie … “” The greatest warrior in this world is the mother! “”

Here is my special article based on current divorce situation

This is such a subject, as much as it is written on it, it is less talkative, yet from my side all the things have been told here! How did you like my article? They must tell me good or bad and if they want to give some suggestions, they should also tell me…
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Mayur / Mahendra

Information – This entire article has been written after listening to the news that we have come to read / hear today!

Thank you
Mahendra Patil

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