Khatara cooler will also give coolness like AC, if not sure then try these 5 tips

The cooler does not cool even after several attempts. Despite having an old cooler, people spend money to buy new coolers even if they do not want to. But now before investing money in a new cooler, follow these 5 tips, maybe your expenses will be saved.

The summer season has knocked in the country. People have gathered resources to avoid heat and humidity. Those who have a good budget, they are buying AC, so some people are planning to buy coolers. There are many people who are already cooler.
But the problem comes when the cooler does not give cold air even after being diluted. In such a situation, some people have to spend money to buy a new cooler despite not having an old cooler.

Today we are going to tell you 5 such tips, after following which your old cooler will also give coolness like AC. Let’s say …

1. Do not make direct sunlight on the cooler.
Many of us make the mistake that we place the cooler in a place where it gets direct sunlight. It is difficult to get cold air in this situation. Keep in mind that keep the cooler in some place of the house where it does not get direct sunlight. If there is no such place in the house, make some such arrangement that there is no direct sunlight on the cooler.

2. Keep the
cooler in an open place . Never keep the cooler in an agile place. So whether the cooler is new or old, keep in mind that it is kept in an open space. The more open area the cooler gets, the more cold air it will give. Therefore, if possible, fix the cooler on any window of the house or keep it near the forged door as well.

3. Having ventilation in the room necessarily puts the
cooler in the room and there is no space for the air to escape, even if the cooler will not be able to cool. So make sure there is enough ventilation to let the air out wherever the coolers are installed. The cooler air will cool only when the air has a way out of the room.

4. Change grass before installing cooler
Dust gradually accumulates in the grass which is used in the lattice of the cooler. Sometimes water also freezes. Which blocks the way of air coming. In such a situation, it is necessary to change the grass of the cooler at least twice in a season. Never keep the grass dense, there should be a gap between it.

5. Check the flow
of water, whether the water flow is being corrected by the water pump used in the cooler. Keep this in mind as well. Also, see if the water holes in the water tray are not closed. If the water does not reach the grass, the air will not get cold.

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