Normandie Golf Club makeover by Jack Nicklaus is about something other than golf

Normandie Golf Club makeover by Jack Nicklaus is about something other than golf

Furnished with a story, a video, and a suggestion, St. Louis local Tom O’Toole Jr. plunked down for lunch with Jack Nicklaus last November at The Bears Club in Florida.

The vision he introduced was for the Normandie Golf Club, which has confronted a questionable future for quite a long time, remembering one endeavor to turn the 117 sections of land for St. Charles Rock Road into apartments.

O’Toole, a nearby lawyer and previous leader of the United States Golf Association, was asking a great deal. He not just needed Nicklaus and his organization to upgrade the 120-year-old course, yet for the unbelievable golf player to toss his maneuvering into raising money for the venture.

“I had an iPad with a video, and I flipped it open after he said he loved it,” O’Toole said. “He said, ‘Tommy, you don’t have to show it to me.'”

Nicklaus was ready to give his chance to a task quite a while in progress. His association, reported a week ago, makes the venture immediately practical with the expectation that Normandie will turn into a finished Jack Nicklaus signature course by spring or summer of 2023.

O’Toole persuaded Nicklaus not just with the vision of giving new life to the course in Bel-Nor, however of giving a financial lift to the local area.

“The story is about more than remodeling a fairway,” O’Toole said “It’s a local area resource that is under-used and decaying, and we hold that resource. It takes a green and uses it as an impetus locally for progress and social change.”

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Normandie is a public course and will stay that way. O’Toole imagines numerous strategies for including youth around there, beginning with a caddie program that as of now is in progress, and fanning out to each space of the activity just as acquainting kids locally with the game.

Nicklaus likewise is engaged a few occasions related with the Ascension Charity Classic at Norwood Hills Country Club in September, loaning his name and exertion to an occasion that will fund-raise for youth associations around there.

“The allure of this task to me was to be engaged with an exertion that could fill in as an impetus to change required in our nation today, starting with parts of St. Louis County,” Nicklaus said in a proclamation. “Reestablishing Normandie for a local area in need will decidedly affect the existences of youth in St. Louis.”

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