How to Lose Weight without a Restrictive Diet?

How to Lose Weight without a Restrictive Diet?

Many people who want to shed pounds fast go with restrictive diets, which are quite difficult to keep up with. These fad diets exclude major food groups from your meals, making you feel languid and famished at all times. The worst part of restrictive diets is that you don’t even keep the weight off for long. The good news is that you can lose weight without giving up the food you enjoy, and prevent yourself from regaining the lost pounds simultaneously. So forget about the awful diets advertised on social media, and follow these tips instead:

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1.      Opt for Healthier Substitutes

There are healthy recipes for all your favorite dishes, which may generally be referred to as junk food. The key to making a dish healthy is replacing processed products with fresh and organic ingredients. For instance, a pizza can count as quite a nutritious and wholesome meal if it was made with whole wheat, feta, or cottage cheese, fresh lean meat, herbs/vegetables, and pure olive oil. If you crave potatoes, have them baked or boiled, rather than munching on greasy French fries or deep-fried chips/crisps.

2.      Choose Filling Snacks

We all experience food cravings at odd times of the day and give in to temptations of eating snacks that are calorie-rich but possess very low nutritional value. Chocolates, cookies, candies, doughnuts, and pretzels are a few examples of food that are loaded with sugars, fats, and carbs. These comfort foods are satisfying, but they don’t quite satisfy hunger and the cravings return shortly. If you eat a vegetable and fruit salad instead, you will feel full for hours and avoid an accumulation of fattening calories. A bowl of oatmeal or Greek yogurt with berries is also recommended. 

3.      Control your Portions

You don’t need to stop eating to lose weight, you just have to avoid overeating. Lasagna, cake, or pasta won’t be a problem, as long as you don’t allow yourself to lose count of your helpings. One effective trick to prevent gluttony is by keeping yourself hydrated. Most than often, thirst is misunderstood as hunger. If you drink an ample amount of water throughout the day, you shall chase the unhealthy food cravings away.

4.      Consume a Hearty Breakfast everyday

Many people skip breakfast in an attempt to lose weight. Believe it or not, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you start your day on an empty stomach, you can never perform your best at anything. Make sure your breakfast is rich in proteins so that you remain energized for a long time. When we starve ourselves in the morning, we end up eating more the rest of the day.

5.      Limit Liquid Calories

Creamy and sweetened coffees, sodas, fruit juices, and alcoholic beverages are a hefty dose of extra calories. Switch to plain water for quenching thirst, and limit the amount of all other drinks you consume in a day. Moreover, never consume alcohol on an empty stomach or you will get intoxicated faster and be at a higher risk of DUI crimes.

6.      Practice Mindful Eating

When you settle down for a meal or snack, don’t let your mind wander someplace else. All your senses must converge on the food that you put into your body. You must be aware of every flavor, texture, and aroma in your meal. Watch, taste, and indulge in every morsel, while pushing all other thoughts at the back of your mind.

7.      Start Working Out

If you cannot get yourself to work out at the gym, don’t sweat. You can lose weight by engaging in many other forms of physical exercise. You may take up a sport, join a dance class, do yoga, go jogging/running, or try some no-equipment exercises at home. Find a workout that suits your lifestyle and gets you motivated.

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