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How to Blog: 8 Steps to Better Blogging

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How to Blog: 8 Steps to Better Blogging
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How to blog seems like a redundant proposal especially if you are already blogging. No matter what your niche is if you want more readers and more cash flow you have to learn how to blog.

Blogging is not just about writing. Blogging is an experience.

1. Read.

Don’t just read about blogging. Read stories rather than how to’s and business books. Magazine articles are great for quick ideas. The more you read the more you absorb and the easier writing and blogging will come to you.

Everything is inter-related. Isn’t a blog meant to be read? If you are not reading how can you expect others to read what you write? It is not about writing it is about blogging. Blogging is an experience. Reading is where your experiences come from.

2. Self-promote.

Do not be afraid. Although cyber-land has us all freaked out about spamming let go and self promote. If you piss someone off, apologize later if you see fit. You should never have to apologize for promoting yourself.

3. Trial & Error.

What has worked for you and what hasn’t? When you encountered a problem how did you get around it? People are notoriously lazy and don’t want to take the first steps they want to read about others who do. Be an innovator or pioneer because those are the folks who get paid.

What were the steps you took? What happened? Was it good? How did you celebrate? Was it a disaster? How did you correct it?

Trial and error. The stuffs humans are made up of.

4. Read.

Did I mention you should be reading? Read lots of blogs and I don’t mean only in your niche. Read what interests you. I don’t care what the competition is doing, if I want to find out I’ll go to a convention of sorts. Mainly I subscribe and read blogs that interest me. Some of them yes are marketing because that is my interest but not because I want to know what they are up to.

5. Research.

Oh no more reading. Yep. Reading and research should make up at least half of your blogging efforts. How long does it take you write a blog post and hit the publish button? The more research you do the better your content. Blogging and publishing will take about 10% of your time. Know what you are blogging about before you even open your platform for a post.


40 hours a wk. = 4 hours of blogging = 4 to 8 posts per week.
20 hours a wk. = 2 hours of blogging = 2 to 8 posts per week. (2 or 3 principle posts and the rest are quickies.)
10 hours a wk. =1 hour of blogging = 1 to 5 thought out posts because you read an awful lot and the blogging part was automatic.

You get the idea.

You are the expert here. Show people what you know. What did you research?

6. Read some more.

I’m not kidding you. You will have much better quality content if you step away from the keyboard right now and go read the newspaper or finish a book you started a few weeks ago.

I reserve my weekends for play and reading. SEO, blogging and all that can wait for Monday. Ok I lied. It is Saturday at 5 p.m. and it has taken me 15 minutes to write this post so far and as it is I don’t think I am going to edit it.

This I will add I’ve been on Amazon, hit two libraries and four bookstores in the past 24 hours.

7. Learn SEO Basics.

You don’t have to do your own SEO you can trade with someone who is better at it than you. The more you know about SEO the better because when it gets down to building your blogging business, you will know how and who to hire for the job. Learn the basics and when you get stuck or cannot comprehend anymore info or find the time to do it, call in an SEO person to do the leg work for you.

8. Do the work.

Read. Research. Read some more. Learn SEO. Promote and don’t be afraid to do so no matter what anyone says to you or what you may think others think about you. What did you accomplish and how did you do it? What worked and what didn’t? Who is doing it worse or better than you are?

Are you willing to do the work that it takes? You don’t have to work hard, just work smart.

10% actual blogging.
20% promo.
70% reading and research.

Total post time: roughly 18 mins.

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