How can myself if I’m infected by covid?

How can myself if I’m infected by covid?

For many of us, this is the challenge of our lives and it is going to get a bit worse before it gets better, the case numbers will go up but, as in China, they will come down again.

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The important thing is to support each other and stay calm, and eventually, there will be a vaccine.

What do we know about symptoms?

The symptoms of coronavirus are a cough, a temperature, in other words, a fever, and probable shortness of breath.

Some people also experience fatigue and joint pain, as they do with flu. It’s not like an ordinary cold where you get a runny nose and sneezing, and mucus and phlegm.

What should i do if i have those symptoms?

If you have those symptoms you should stay home for seven days and look after yourself, and if you have a family, everybody should stay in the house for 14 days.

There is no cure for this yet but you can make yourself feel a lot better by taking paracetamol and drinking lots of fluids, and resting. If you start to feel worse, and this may be a problem for the elderly and those with medical conditions already, then you should call NHS 111 or get in touch with your doctor.

Nobody should go to the GP surgery or to the hospital. You should also call the doctor if you haven’t recovered within seven days.

How do i protect people around me?

All of us need to be taking the basic precautions that we’ve been advised about which means washing our hands all the time, not touching our faces, and if you cough or sneeze try to do it into a tissue and then throw it away.

It’s also a very good idea now to keep your distance from other people which means two meters away if at all possible. The advice we’re being given is shifting all the time but there are simple measures that we can all take to protect ourselves and other people.

So, we will get there and when we get a vaccine for this then we can actually stamp it out completely.

How can myself if I’m infected by covid?

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