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Happy Diwali Wishes With Our Latest WhatsApp Status

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Happy Diwali Wishes With Our Latest WhatsApp Status

Celebrated on 13th lunar day of Krishna Park, Diwali is one of the most highlighted Hindu festivals. At some places people celebrate Diwali for five days where as in Maharashtra the festival is observed for 6 days.

It begins with Govasta and ends with Bhai Dooj. Diwali is not only the festival of Hindu Indians. It is a global festival that gives life to humanity. People simply celebrate Diwali just like a new year and begin with fresh beliefs and happy thoughts. They do more shopping and decorate every possible corner of the commercial and living area.

Teachers talk about Diwali in school and make children aware about the fundamentals of the festival. School children are often expected to prepare a variety of Diwali projects and bulletin board materials. Diwali world’s foremost important because of historical reasons. It is believed that Lord Rama came back to Ayodhya after killing the much troubles and demon Ravana. He came back with his wife Sita and sibling Laxman.

People of Ayodhya were highly alerted when they saw their dearest Ram coming back with his wife and brother. Returning of Ram and Sita was celebrated by the entire Kingdom by bursting firecrackers and lighting earthen lamps. Also, people believe that the festival of Diwali brings more prosperity as it is regarded as the birthday of Goddess Lakshmi. Diwali was the day when Goddess Lakshmi – the wealth owner came on planet Earth. Diwali is overrated to Goddess Lakshmi in most of the states.

According to another Hindu mythology, just a day before Diwali, Lord Krishna killed the Demons Narkasur who had captivated 16000 women as prisoners. In order to release them from the custody of demon, Lord Krishna killed him. From that day, Diwali is celebrated as an event of truthfulness and Power.

Diwali being one of the most elaborate festivals of Hindu has many tales associated with it. It is also believed that kaurav and Pandvas came home after the exile of 12 years post Mahabharat. Their retrieval to the kingdom was accompanied with lighting earthen lamps and bursting firecrackers.

Craze of Celebrating Happy Diwali

Young children enjoy celebrating Diwali by watching funny animations singing Diwali poems and visiting zoo. People also prepare special Diwali Aarti with their parents Followed by Fireworks and lighting Diyas. Handmade greeting cards are also quite common among children. People prepare Gulab Jamun, Pedda, Laddu common mode and other dishes in their home to welcome guest and tickle their pallets. 

Importance of Laxmi Pooja on Diwali

It is believed that people receive more prosperity and peace by cleaning their surroundings on the day of Diwali and before it. People believe that offering Pooja Thali to the God and Goddesses brings one closer to the divine power .s people lit earthen lamps and exchange gift with their near and dear ones.


People generally offer Pooja ceremonials in the evening to see divine blessings from The Almighty Living in heaven. Diwali is known to bring a lot of peaceful time in life. So let us enjoy every moment because we get a series of holiday on this festival and Goddess Lakshmi gives blessings if we follow the rituals of the festival. People particularly wait for Diwali because they plan for a get together with their families and relatives.

Happy Diwali Wishes with Social Media 

People commonly use social media platforms to forward happy Diwali wishes and images as greetings. Social media is almost painted with a variety of images and quotations which looks much beautiful. Social media platforms witness the most creative happy Diwali wishes every year. People put Rangoli pictures and family images on their profile to show how happily they celebrate the festival. The religious activities are commonly shared with friends and relatives for enhancing believe in almighty and to inspire people to follow the rituals.

Some Best Happy Diwali WhatsApp Status

  • Diwali is the festival of magnificence and want. This is the occasion that gives you more happiness and cheerfulness throughout the year. Happy Diwali Khushiyo waali 2020
  • I pray that this Diwali burns away all your troubles and help you to forget the problems of life. I pray that you would never have to deal with the pending problems ever in your life. May Lord Lakshmi eventually eradicate them with the choicest blessings. I pray that Lord Rama would never keep you alone in life and give you the power to stay strong in every possible circumstance. Happy Diwali to you my blessings are there always.
  • I pray that you get to find the light within you and press the spirit animals around you. I wish that the hours give you a clear and splendid understanding about the occasion.
  • Diwali is the timer when you seek for the blessings of almighty celebrate the festival with Rangoli, sweet and firecrackers. Happy Diwali
  • Diwali has saved from darkness and given more prosperity then we could imagine. Diwali is the only festival when we can wear entirely new outfits and aim for a better life.
  • Diwali brings sparkles and prosperity all over. It is the festival of everlasting happiness and wealth.

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