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Hair Loss for Women – Time to Take Action!

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Hair Loss for Women – Facts You Should Not ignore!

Are you losing more than you think you should? Have you noticed bare spots on your scalp? Many women today suffer from these problems. However, there are treatment options to stop your hair from falling out and to help the bare spots grow back. Consider the following facts and treatment plans for hair loss for women.

Hair Loss For Women – Reasons for Hair Loss

Hair Loss for Women

Consider that your hair is like a plant growing in a pot. The chemicals and nutrients in the soil feed the plant and make it grow. If these nutrients are missing or if the soil is unbalanced the plant will not grow. The plant is also affected by external features. If the air is too hot or too cold the plant could have trouble surviving. In extreme circumstances the plant may even wither and die. Your hair is very much like the plant. If your scalp provides the correct nutrients your hair will grow. However, if the balance is incorrect or if you damage your hair externally you may experience hair loss for women.

Hair Loss For Women – Realizing Hair Loss

Most women wonder if they are experiencing too much hair loss. It is common to lose hair while brushing or while taking a shower. On the average day you may lose up to 150 strands of your hair. On the days when you shower the number could be as high as 250. This is completely normal. However, if you wake in the morning and find a large amount of hair on your pillow there may be a problem. You can also look at the top third of your scalp to see if you notice any visible bald spots.


Hair Loss For Women – Medical Causes for Hair Loss

There are a number of natural treatments for women’s hair loss. The trick to finding the appropriate treatment is finding the cause of the hair loss. Many women experience hair loss as a reaction to a medication or stress. In these cases you would need to talk to your doctor about changing medications or receiving treatment for stress. Your doctor may also test for thyroid problems, anemia, or polycystic ovary syndrome. All of these issues can contribute to female hair loss.

Hair Loss For Women – Genetics May Play a Part

Female pattern hair loss is the most common reason that women start to lose hair. According to statistics over thirty million women in the US are affected by this condition. In most cases this hair loss pattern begins in the 50’s or 60’s. However, the pattern can begin at any time. In this case the hair follicles grow back smaller and smaller until the hair is very thin or nonexistent.

As you can see there are many reasons for hair loss for women. If you are affected by this condition you need to speak with your doctor. In some cases hair loss can be a symptom of a more serious condition. However, it could simply be a deficiency of a particular vitamin. Your doctor can complete blood tests and a physical work up to help you determine the cause


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