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Green Mango Smoothie (Shake)

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Green Mango Shake

With summer fast approaching here in the tropics, people are starting to think of refreshments and coolers. Let me share this quick and  easy to make healthy refreshment recipe. Trust me you will definitely love them. Me and my family are so into them! I’m talking about  green mango “shake and juice”. If you have tasted it before, I’m sure you know why I love it!  If you have not tried it yet, it is about time you try them too.

Green mango shake and juice are two of our favorite healthy refreshments at home. Aside from the fact that they are easy to make, they are also healthy, because mangoes are known to be rich in Vitamin C that boosts your immune system plus it has fiber  and phytochemicals too! Green mango shake and juice have this distinct flavor, a combination of sweet and sour taste that is surprisingly great!

For the green mango juice, all you need are two pieces of green mangoes, a cup of sugar, and  shaved ice. You just peel the mangoes then cut them into cubes or slices, depending on which you are more comfortable with. Place the mango slices in a blender and blend with ice until you achieve that mushy puree texture. If you want to make it more juicy, add a little water while blending. Pour into tall glasses. You may use some slices of mango as garnishing. Grab a straw and that’s it! “Quick and easy to make and very healthy green mango juice”


If you prefer green mango shake, you need two pieces of green mangoes, a cup of sugar, and  shaved ice. Do the same as above except add a little more amount of ice, then it’s up to you if you’d like to add milk. If you’re on a strict low cholesterol diet,  you can have your shake minus the milk.

If you are in the mood to  make a yummy ice creamy cooler, you can add milk plus  a considerable amount of all purpose cream while blending the rest of the ingredients.  It would taste like a yummy home  made yogurt / green mango ice cream, only a little different in texture. But if you simply want to achieve that classic shake with a twist that kids will enjoy, after blending the ingredients and pouring the mixture into a tall glass,  just add whip cream on top! Yummy!

Try it and enjoy,


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