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Google removes Joker malware from Play Store

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Google removes 11 apps from Play Store as Joker malware makes a comeback; uninstall these apps right away

  • Google has pulled 11 apps from the Play Store that were infected with the notorious Joker malware
  • Joker is said to be one of the most prominent types of malware for Android OS

Joker malware is on the prowl again and has made its way into the official Google Play marketplace. This time it appears to be hidden in legitimate applications, a new report said on Friday. According to security researchers at Check Point Research, Israel’s cyber security firm, a new version of the Joker Dropper and Premium Dialer spyware was recently discovered in Google Play, which was able to download additional malware for the device that allows the user Subscribes to premium services without his knowledge or consent.

Google stated that these apps were removed before users could download them. However, Joker malware has been circulating since 2017 by Google to track such apps.

“Joker customized.” We found that hiding in the “required information” file is necessary for every Android application. Our latest findings suggest that the security of the Google Play Store is not sufficient. We were able to detect multiple cases of clown uploads on Google Play on a weekly basis, all of which were downloaded by random users. Despite Google’s investment in adding Play Store security, clown malware is difficult to detect. Although Google has removed malicious apps from the Play Store, we can fully expect the Joker to adapt again. Aviran Hazoom, manager of mobile research, said that everyone should take time to understand what a clown is and how it hurts people every day.


11 apps were identified which were infected with the notorious Joker malware. 





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