Expert Tips: Do these 3 tasks while sleeping at night, wrinkles will disappear

If there are wrinkles on your face, then follow these tips mentioned by the expert before sleeping at night.

With age, tightness in the skin of the face begins to decrease. Many times, wrinkles appear on the face before age. The main reason for this is not taking proper care of the skin. Also, if your lifestyle and food habits are not right, you may have to face wrinkles on your face.

Obviously, wrinkles on your face affect your beauty. In this case, take proper care of the skin. Beauty Expert Poonam Chugh says, “When it comes to skin care, women only clean the face once a day in the morning and realize that that’s enough, but along with the morning skin care routine Night skin care routine is also very important.

Not only this, Poonam also gives an easy night skin care routine for wrinkled skin, which can be completed in just 3 steps.

Follow these 3 steps to remove wrinkles

If you adopt this beauty routine before going to sleep at night, then your facial wrinkles will reduce in no time.

Step-1: Skin Toning

Poonam says, ‘Whatever your skin type, there can be no better skin toner than rose water. Before sleeping at night, you should clean the face with rose water, by doing this, the dirt hidden in the skin pores gets cleaned. ‘

  • If your skin is oily, you can also mix 1 teaspoon of lemon juice in rose water. This will prevent more oil from forming in your skin.
  • If your skin pores are too large, you can mix rose water and lemon juice and collect ice cubes and do facial toning at night with these ice cubes.

Step-2: Face Massage

  • Aloe vera gel can be used for facial massage. Poonam says, ‘If you are allergic to aloe vera gel, then it is better to apply a little honey to it on the direct skin. If your skin is oily, mix lemon juice along with honey.
  • You can also use cold cream of milk for facial massage. You can add lemon juice to it and massage the face for 5 minutes. It contains lactic acid. It tightens the skin of the face and reduces wrinkles.
  • If you do regular facial massage for 5 to 10 minutes before going to bed at night, the blood circulation on the face is good, causing the skin to glow, improve color and increase the elasticity of the skin.

Step-3: Over Night Face Pack

  • If your skin is normal, you can sleep at night by mixing this face pack with aloe vera gel ( aloe vera gel hex ) and vitamin-E oil.
  • Dry skin should be put to sleep by applying a pinch of turmeric mixed with coconut oil on the face.
  • If you have pimples on your skin, you should put almond paste on your face and go to sleep. If you want, you can also mix 2 drops of T-tree oil in this face pack.
  • Oily skin people should mix green-tea water and lemon juice on the face and apply on the face.

Facial wrinkles

Along with increasing age, there are many other reasons, which can cause wrinkles on the face –

  • If you smoke too much, you may have wrinkles on your face .
  • Wrinkles may also be the reason for not sleeping well.
  • If you do not take proper amount of water, then the skin becomes dehydrated and starts to loosen and it also causes wrinkles.
  • Staying in too much sun and not taking care of the skin can cause wrinkles on your face.

Keep this in mind as well

Punam says, ‘Just taking care of the skin is nothing, you should also include things in your diet that boost your collagen and keep the skin tight . For this, you should eat fiber-rich food at night. ‘

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