Do I Really Need a Web Host For My Podcast?

On the off chance that you are recording sound documents, you need a spot to store them and to permit audience members to discover them, download them and hear them out.

There are two or three alternatives that can assist you with distributing your records and make the accessible to the world. A couple may appear to be acceptable however when you really take a gander at the genuine circumstance, really are bad by any stretch of the imagination.

Alternative number one is to utilize online networking. It is snappy. It is effectively accessible. It is promptly open to numerous individuals. That seems like the ideal spot, correct?


Internet based life locales are incredible for sharing substance. In any case, if that is the main spot you will have them, you might be in for a reality check one morning. Numerous individuals have had their web-based social networking stages shut down, even incidentally, for posting something that “somebody some place” revealed as hostile. Or on the other hand you may have disregarded a few terms of administration for the web based life stage with a connection, and so on.

On the off chance that you are closed down briefly (or more awful, booted off the stage completely), your audience members can’t discover you. Furthermore, on the off chance that you were depending on the online life stage to store your documents, they could all be lost. Try not to depend just via web-based networking media stages to store your records. Use them to share the documents, yet not as the essential conveyance technique for your projects.

Moreover, any “companions” or “associations” picked up via web-based networking media are not all yours. They don’t have a place on any rundown that you can download and get their own messages, and so forth (in any event much of the time).

On the off chance that you lost access to the web based life stage, you would quickly lose access to the entirety of your companions and associations you picked up while on that stage. That is definitely not something worth being thankful for right

Next would be on one of the numerous web composition stages. Would it be a good idea for you to store your digital broadcast records on sites you make on or or any such stage?


The explanation is directly inside the “Terms of Service” you most likely didn’t peruse when you at first pursued the stage. Some place, covered in the entirety of the sanction, will be a little segment that says something with the impact of, “If your site begins drawing an excessive amount of data transfer capacity, you will be compelled to move up to higher limit plan or we have the choice of easing back your transmission capacity speed or dropping your site get to out and out.”

That may not be the specific wording (since they all utilization different legal counselors to make these terms of administration), yet it is about a similar importance.

The motivation behind why is straightforward. They are renting space for their servers from a significant server supplier. Be that as it may, if you somehow managed to begin getting a huge number of download per scene, for instance, they should pay higher expenses to their supplier. So you either pay more, or they need to throttle you back or limit access to your records. In any case, it implies your site runs more slow or not in the slightest degree. That implies you will lose audience members.

Another alternative is self-facilitated sites, similar to Word Press. You can make your own site. You can stack your own documents to your own foundation. You can drive traffic directly to your site. Individuals can download the documents straightforwardly from your site. That sounds flawless right?


Once more, whoever you have as your site have (,, and so on.) will have those equivalent style terms of administration we just discussed. Also, a great many people, simply beginning their site, won’t almost certainly be pursuing the “Venture” level of facilitating (hundreds, if not a great many dollars for every month).

That implies, by and by, that free to your site and your records will be throttled back and your site will run moderate.

Do you recall any site you went to access and it appeared as though it took perpetually to stack? And afterward you get a blunder message that says, “Your solicitation coordinated out.” This is a case of a site that either has been dropped or get to has been throttled back (not in all cases, however this is only a case of what I am discussing).

The best alternative is to utilize an organization that has been made exclusively to have digital broadcast documents and help you to make them accessible to the world. These organizations have been intended to help monstrous traffic and download through their servers. They really need you to succeed and have monstrous traffic!

Presently, I have to bring up, they are more costly than customary site facilitating stages (not very costly, yet more than the less expensive choices). In any case, the administrations they give are structured solely to podcasters.

The administrations and advantages of the different digital recording facilitating stages fluctuate from supplier to supplier. Some offer free administrations for starting podcasters to have their projects (yet limit the measure of downloads or extra room). Some offer free sites, some don’t. Some offer promoting help, some don’t. Some market to extraordinary and specific crowds, some simply mass market to anybody.

You have to do your own examination and choose what administrations and advantages would best serve your requirements and those of your objective audience members. That ought to be the driving element (and spending contemplations, obviously).

For instance, we have a digital broadcast facilitating stage that serves the necessities of Christian podcasters. The administrations and advantages we offer are structured solely for that advertise. Those advantages would not work for most different markets. (Data about is contained in the asset box underneath).

The reality is YES, you ought to have a host stage for your webcast. The measure of cash you spend, the highlights you want and the advantages gave will differ from stage to stage. Do your examination and pick the stage that best meets your requirements.

Try not to stress over being “secured in” a specific stage. Most will assist you with switching from a contender to their foundation (normally, for nothing out of pocket)!

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