Delhi News: Sushil Wrestler Seen At Meerut Toll

Delhi News: Sushil Wrestler Seen At Meerut Toll

Footage of Olympic medalist wrestler Sushil Kumar has surfaced for the first time after wrestler Sagar Dhankhar was killed at Delhi’s Chhatrasal Stadium. Sushil is captured in CCTV camera on Meerut toll. In it, he is sitting in a car with another man. It is being told that this footage is during the time when he was going towards Uttarakhand after the incident. Technical surveillance also revealed his move to Uttarakhand.

Through technical investigation, the police is trying to arrest Sushil Pehalwan and other accused. Police have found footage of Sushil in a CCTV camera on Meerut toll. Official sources in the police say that along with Sushil, the person in the car is being identified and the police is trying to arrest him, so that he can find out from where Sushil went. There is speculation that he is in an ashram in Uttarakhand. At the same time, some believe that he can also flee to Nepal.

 Official police sources say Sushil is behaving like a professional criminal. He keeps in touch with his colleagues through multiple SIM cards. He uses his sim on surveillance to help police find Sushil present in the vicinity of Delhi with the help of his colleagues. During the investigation, the police found several SIM numbers. Police officials believe that Sushil may once again seek bail from the court or surrender.

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