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Beginners Guide to Oolong Tea

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Nowadays, green teas are highly popular and are available in many stores and cafes. It has various uses in many kinds of products which you use in your daily life, such as face cream, shampoo, candles, and many more.

Oolong tea is produced from the same plant Camellia Sinensis from which green tea and black tea are produced. The way of processing makes the difference between Oolong tea and green tea. The 0olong tea is a semi-fermented brew, whereas green tea is unfermented.

The process of fermentation is done by a skilled worker who can produce many kinds of oolong tea by ferment the tea on many various levels. Black tea is fully oxidized tea, and green tea is less oxidized so that it keeps its green color and fresh aroma. Whereas during the process oolong tea is partially oxidized until it reaches the desired level and then cooked to complete the process. Nowadays, the benefits of other teas have also become more and more apparent. A type of infusion that is highly appreciated by tea lovers is the Herbal tea.

To enhance the aroma, texture, and flavors of oolong tea, after the fermentation, the leaves are extra processed by rolling and rubbing the tea leaves. At the end of the process, it may be possible to achieve many different levels of tea, so that’s why it gets checked by masters of tea. When the process ends, the expert master of oolong tea will check the leaves and give them grades according to their quality. 

First of all, oolong tea was harvested and produced in the Fujian province in China. It’s a traditional beverage in China. Most of the finest teas are produced in that land. The popularity of drinking tea has increased all over the countries. Now the production of oolong tea is spread in many countries such as Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Beginners Guide to Oolong Tea
Beginners Guide to Oolong Tea

As you know, green teas are popular these days because of their health benefits. But do you know Oolong tea provides you the same health benefits as green tea? One of the universal health benefits is that it helps in boosting your metabolism plus improves your digestion. Other health benefits of oolong teas are 

  • Lower the heart risk
  • Aids weight loss
  • Prevents cancer
  • Prevents Diabetes
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Reduce inflammation 
  • And helps in other illnesses.

Oolong tea and green tea both contain the same amount caffeine approx of 10-60mg of 8 ounces cup. This oolong tea is suitable for those people who love caffeine or caffeinated beverages. Instead of coffee, drinking oolong tea is beneficial to your health. There are many local markets where you can buy Chinese oolong tea at a reasonable or cheaper price, but maybe they are not pure. Many local Chinese stores tend to be selling low-quality tea or not reliable products. Instead of buying from local stores, you can buy from online branded or trusted tea sites. 

There are many varieties of oolong tea available such as Gao Shan, Tie Guan Yin, Vietnamese golden buds, and Formosa oolong, which are produced in Taiwan. Huang Jin Gui, Bai Hao, and Ti Quan Yin are from China. If you want to know about the taste of oolong tea. Its tastes vary, because of its oxidation process such as it tastes like grassy, floral, sweet to toasty, light to full-bodied. 

You can also add milk and sugar or honey to sweeten the taste, or for spiciness, you can add a little pinch of cinnamon and salt. You can make various flavors of beverages from oolong tea such as oolong tea with almond milk, Vanilla oolong latte, Maple oolong milk tea, Coconut milk oolong tea, etc. Refresh your day with oolong tea, and it’s a healthy beverage.

If you drink oolong tea regularly, it may give you some side effects, such as headaches, nervousness, sleep problems, vomiting, dizziness, etc. Drink oolong tea at a moderate amount. 


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