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Bad Exercise Habits You Need To Break

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Bad Exercise Habits You Need To Break 
Image by Scott Webb from Pixabay

We’ve all heard it said that exercise is good for you, and it’s mostly true. Someone who exercises regularly is likely to be in better physical condition than someone who doesn’t. People who exercise generally carry less weight than the average person, are less prone to some illnesses, and live longer, too. That doesn’t necessarily mean that all forms of exercise are good for you, though. In fact, there are some exercise habits than can do you more harm than good if you persist with them. 

Nobody sets out to pick up a bad exercise habit. We usually either take ideas from the internet and use them without researching them, or we copy them from other people we see in the gym. Often, a bad habit is just a minor deviation from the activity or process that you should be following – and so it can be resolved easily. Almost all of us are guilty of having at least one bad habit when it comes to our daily or weekly workout routines – and so if you see one of them listed below, follow our advice and change up your routine to get back onto the right track!

Poor Hydration

This doesn’t just mean failing to take on water before you work out – it can also mean taking on too much water. You are not a camel. Your body will not indefinitely store huge amounts of water and release it when you need it. Drinking too much water can make you bloated and prone to fatigue. If you take on too little water, though, you could become dangerously dehydrated through physical exertion in almost no time at all. According to the informed opinions of medical professionals, the correct amount of water to drink during a workout is between eight and ten ounces. Make sure you have a drink before you begin, too, and another one after you finish.

Working Out Alone

Almost all of us are guilty of this to some degree. Some people feel inclined to work out alone because they’re embarrassed that a workout partner might out-perform them, or be in better physical shape. Other people have the opposite problem – they’re in such good shape or have so much endurance that they’re convinced that other people might not be able to keep up. Either way, it’s time to expand your horizons. The right workout partner can push you to increase your performance levels every day, and also encourage you when you’re struggling. If you have a partner who goes to the gym with you regularly, it’s a lot harder to slack off by choosing not to go one day or one night when you’re feeling harder. Exercise partners bounce off each other and make the whole workout process more enjoyable. Even if you don’t work out with someone every day, at least try to do so a couple of times each week. 

Insufficient Repetitions

There are so many different exercises you can perform in a gym that you’ll never get round them all in a single visit. You might do a circuit of weights, rowing machines, running, cross-fit training, and other activities, but if you’re spending too little time on each of them, you won’t get the full benefits. Think of your body like an online slots game made out of flesh and bone. If you’ve ever played online slots, it’s unlikely that you hit the jackpot within your first few spins. It’s far more likely that you won money after repeating the same spinning activity on the best slots

multiple times. Persistence matters, even if persistence just means doing the exact same thing over and over again. The best thing about persistent exercise is that, unlike the games on online slots websites, the reward is guaranteed as opposed to arriving at random!

Not Eating Before A Workout

While there are millions of people who work out to build muscle strength and tone, the majority of people who visit gyms do so either because they want to lose weight, or because they want to keep weight off. If that’s your intention or goal, you might think that it’s counter-intuitive to eat a meal before you start working out. That’s a big mistake. You have to eat at some point, and research has shown us that the best time to eat is about two hours before you start working out. Also, contrary to popular opinions, protein shakes do not work as a meal substitute before hitting the gym. While our bodies do need protein, they don’t use it as a source of energy. Instead, get some carbohydrates inside you. Working out without enough carbs inside you can lead to low blood sugar levels. In extreme cases, that can be dangerous, but even in mild cases, it will make you feel slow and heavy. You’ll get lose done, and so you’ll achieve less from your session. 

Choosing The Wrong Stretches

We hope we don’t need to tell you that it’s important to stretch and warm-up before you start any form of exercise. Even very young children know that. What far too many adults don’t know, though, is that there are good warm-up stretches and bad warm-up stretches. A good warm-up stretch is one that’s considered dynamic, and involves movement and rotation. Leg lifts and circular arm movements fit the bill. A standing stretch that involves remaining in a fixed position for thirty seconds or more does not. Static stretches don’t elongate your muscles, and if your muscles aren’t elongated, you won’t get a full range of movement out of them. To make things worse, you’re also at a higher risk of injury. Treat your warm-up the same way you’d treat a good cardio session – keep moving. 

All of us will have made at least a few of these mistakes in the past, and some of us are guilty of all of them. They’re easy things to change, though, and so now you know why you shouldn’t be doing them, you can make a clean break and focus on healthier gym habits! 


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