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7 Ways To Improve Your Diet Starting Today

7 Ways To Improve Your Diet Starting Today

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The greatest killer on earth is your diet. It may not kill you today or tomorrow, but it may well be shortening your life and slowly eroding its quality through progressive damage. Increased body fat can lead to cardiovascular illnesses, heart attack, diabetes and other weight related problems as you age.

The saddest part is that it’s self-induced. Continuing to eat the wrong foods is like slowly, deliberately poisoning yourself.

Do you really want to die? No?

Then follow these seven healthy eating tips and start to reverse the damage you have already done. It’s never too late!

1. Read the contents of every food item you buy. If it contains “trans fat” or “hydrogenated oil” leave it on the shelf as it’s a killer.
2. Reduce the amount of “saturated fat” you eat. Usually found in meat, dairy products and bought bakery goods.

Your body needs good fat, so look for mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in products you buy. Good sources are oily fish and olive oil.
4. Increase your fiber intake by eating more fruit and vegetables.
5. Reduce your intake of sugar. Don’t add it or reduce the quantity by half a spoon. Cut down on sugary drinks and drink more water.
6. Reduce you calorie intake with smaller meals and less snacks. Eating rougher carbohydrates that take longer to digest so delay hunger. Rye breads, brown rice and wholemeal pasta are good examples.
7. Seek further dietary advice either from your doctor.

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