10 Tips to Motivate Yourself to Hit the Gym

10 Tips to Motivate Yourself to Hit the Gym

It’s funny how we can make time to binge-watch shows for hours every other night, but sparing one hour for a workout seems like an impossible task. We always come up with excuses to skip the gym and look for alibis to avoid some much-needed exercise. Our energy levels are usually low after a long day at work, thus collapsing on the couch with a bunch of unhealthy snacks is way more tempting. Most of us stay up till late, so waking up early to hit the gym only happens in dreams.

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The lazy cycle of procrastination is never-ending, and eventually, all you are left with is regret. An active lifestyle is a key to staying fit and aging well. If you want to improve your health and look your best, here are ten ways to motivate yourself to hit the gym:

1.      Set Realistic Goals

Whether you are aiming to shed a load of extra pounds, get into shape, put on weight, or develop muscle, take it easy. You cannot transform into your favorite supermodel or bodybuilder overnight. Start small and kick it up a notch every time your stamina increases and you are ready to go the extra mile. Aiming too high at the beginning is enough to crush your enthusiasm and trigger anxiety.

2.      Dress the Part

The right outfit will inspire you to go to the gym. Invest in workout clothes that are hip and comfortable. If you feel hesitant to head out, wear your gym gear and notice the difference. The right look and feel trick the brain into craving the work and sweat.

3.      Adopt the Buddy System

Your time at the gym can be spruced up by turning it into a social activity. Let working out be a thing that you do with a friend or group of friends. Time at the gym will fly by with a buddy to cheer you up all the way. The sessions often become friendly competitions, urging participants to maximize performance.

4.      Hire a Trainer

Starting and following up with a gym routine can be overwhelming when you are practically clueless. You may not know how to use equipment or understand what suits your fitness goals. A fitness trainer is a lot like an estate planning lawyer; both provide instructions for managing your ‘assets’ at a cost, but the benefits are worth it. You should know that behind every toned celebrity is an exacting trainer!

5.      Have a Pre-workout snack

A low-calorie and high energy-yielding snack can help elevate your energy levels and put you in the right mood before gym time. Excellent pre-workout snacks include a banana, fruit smoothie, handful of raisins, homemade granola, or a yogurt parfait.

6.      Make a Pumping Playlist

Perhaps the music at your designated gym isn’t lively enough. Every person at the gym may not feel stimulated by the same stuff. You could make a playlist that gets you moving and plug in your ear pods for the session.

7.      Give Yourself some Tough Love

Where there’s a will, there’s away. Getting to the gym is the toughest part, and you know the aftermath is so much rewarding. Sometimes you have to push yourself to the boundaries, by eliminating the option of backing out. Set up reminders and deadlines to keep yourself driven, until it becomes a habit. 

8.      Change up Routines

Getting into the same exercise routine every day gets boring and less effective. Try something new on a regular basis to challenge your body and engage your mind.

9.      Note Progress

Noting progress at the end of every week will give you something to feel proud of and look forward to. When you realize that your efforts are producing results, you shall be inspired to keep up the good work.

10. Look for a Better Gym

If the gym’s equipment is not up to par, the atmosphere is dull, and the staff is inhospitable, consider ditching the godforsaken place. Find a gym that gets you excited to be there, even if the membership fees are slightly higher.

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