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10 Struggles Every New Runner Understands

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There are certain sacrifices we all make to become more healthy and fit, and for runners, those are an acceptable part of the lifestyle. But when just getting into running, there are a few running problems that new runners really should be aware of.

Becoming a runner as an aggressive form of cardio, or perhaps a way to burn excess energy is a time-honored and worthwhile pursuit. It is free, minus the cost of quality track shoes, and as long as it isn’t too hot, it can be done at any hour of the day, all year long, even during the winter. 

10 Struggles Every New Runner Understands
Becoming a runner

But, while it may be a wonderful form of exercise, there are a few things that any runner, especially a new one, will want to factor into this budding routine. And they aren’t all physical. Psychology plays a part in such an intense endeavor, too. Even more so if you hate to run and have to train yourself to push through the urge to quit. 

The issues new runners might face

Support system

When you don’t have support, it is easy to quit. Let your would-be support system them know your motivations, and with time, they will come to see it as a worthwhile choice.

The “wall”

A well-known runner’s problem is “the wall.” It is a psychological barrier where your brain and your body want to just give up. When you hit it, and you will hit it, you must push through. Think of your will power as a wrecking ball. 

The glossy-eyed chats

Non-runners could care less about the inner nuances of your routine. They don’t want to hear about how you beat your previous time or distance or that you had running hip pain but pushed through it. For trials and successes, go to your support system for desired praise or ideas on improving.

The restroom deficit

When you are on a nice, long run, the sudden need to heed nature can send a wave of panic through you to your core. If you are on a regular route, utilize the facilities before you enter an area without any. Getting this out of the way will save you some embarrassment. 

The right motivation

It might be a song or a whole playlist of songs, but whatever your motivation for starting to run, it must be maintained as part of the routine, to train your body into muscle memory. Keep those motivations swirling through your head, and pretend they are speaking to you directly.              

being motivated

The outlet

As a runner, all problems become running problems. If you have problems with men, then now they are running man problems. If you try to avoid a bad situation or puzzle out an exit strategy for an overwhelming concern, they are running away problems. You may find that your mind works through things better while on the run.


A partner and then some

If you don’t have a one, perhaps you can find one through traditional means or on a dating site that shares your passion. Being a runner is a lifestyle, not just an exercise. Go through the best dating sites review, see if there is one that targets more athletic-minded people, and look. 

The physical toll

Pain is weakness leaving the body, and your body starts at a weak place for a new runner. You will feel some discomfort, and there will be running ankle pain, your knees might swell, and you may even have some running stomach pain from the constant contraction of your diaphragm. 

The superficial toll

If you are a person that cares for their skin, their feet, their aesthetics overall, new regiments of cleanliness and hygiene will have to be added to your original routine. It may mean showers take longer, and more time in front of the mirror, but the trade-off is well worth it.

That darn chafing

It is an odd runner’s problem, but chafing will happen, even more so in higher humidity, and it will be very unpleasant. Using baby powder in your lower regions when prepping for a race will help with the problem tremendously. There are plenty of specific powders just for this purpose. 


There is something transcendent, almost addictive, about running. And it can be done alone, with a friend, or in a pack. The comradery of runners is like a family, each helping and feeding off the rest’s energy. Do you love to run, and have you experienced some running problems in your fitness quest?

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